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Old Dogs New Tricks or just a bag of Highly Effective Old Tricks?

The ‘Link’ Is exposing the secrets to high powered, efficient and increasing the level of your influence without spending thousands of dollars or needing tons of experience!

Young Adults, PMETS are rediscovering the secrets to communication like they had never seen before!

The Richest People In the world are great at this skill!

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Employers are paying TOP dollars for this kind of employees.

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Entrepreneurs must be good at this SKILL!

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Literally anyone who wants a better life needs to take a look at this

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We live in an era where communication is unavoidable.
Unless we start food hoarding and sail off to an island to survive alone.

We feel fulfilled when we communicate. We make money by communicating. A business owner needs to communicate with their customers and investors. Someone who is working a job needs good communication skills to excel in their corporation and climb up the ladder.

We communicate our desire to our partners.
Communication is just so important!
There is just one inconsistency in our life


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You see, everyone knows that communication is important.  But in our entire education system, be it in school or at home, we were never taught to communicate effectively.

We were taught to:

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Hear but not listen

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Talk but not to communicate

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Obey but not object

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Memorise but not think critically

We were never taught to:

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Increase our level of influence

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Have crucial conversations

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Public speak

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Lead and how to follow

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Identify different types of people

There is literally nothing taught about the single most important skill that it is require in our lives. Many people grew with the assumption that only business people needs to communicate effectively or only sales people need can talk well. There’s just one problem with that kind of mindset, though…and it’s not just a “problem”, it’s a huge problem that’s plaguing almost every individual.

Unfortunately, the reality is...

If you have been in one of the following situations:

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Stuck in a plateau in your job

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Don't have enough time to do what you want

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Not being able to say what you want at the right time

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Wondering why your kids / staff are not motivated or not listening to you

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Growing in distance between your family including but not limited to your parents / kids

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Feel frustrated when others don’t understand you

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You don’t feel valued

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You have aggressive boss / colleagues but do not know how to handle them

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Any combination of the above

…you’re in the right place.

Maybe you are not looking but just stumbled onto this page, or maybe you understand the importance of communicate but are not sure how you can improve then.

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You NEED to read every single word

on this page.

Learning how to communicate is really simple. It is not about hard selling, force/false leadership nor flat-out flattery. (I’ve seen people makes a couple thousand dollars more simply by becoming better communicators.)
Best of all, communication is not even that difficult to put together…and I’ll show you how you can learn them within a couple of hours.
And yes, a couple of hours can reprogram your skills and make you an effective communicator




Daniel ho

Over the past 14 years, I’ve had invested more than $50,000 in attending seminars all over the world to learn about the art of communication.

Because of what I had learnt, I managed to make my first pot of gold at the age of 19. I was also featured on local papers and radio stations
Currently I am running my business, travelling around the world and fulfilling my bucket list.

But that was not me many years ago. I was not popular in school, my friends called me irritating and I was never part of any clique because of my personality.
When I had wanted to pursue my own path at the age of 16, I was shot down, almost driven out of my own home with my parents in tears. They told me that I will never amount to what my dreams and hopes are. I thought at the point of time that I could not get my parents to trust me because of my age and capabilities.

Over the years, I have travelled the world and learnt from many successful individuals, such as Marc Acceta, Matt Morris, Andrew Tjioe, Robert Kiyosaki and more. Through this, I have gained a lot of knowledge that has allowed me to build my own success story.

some people I have learnt from

other achievements



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Then I realised……

It did not have everything to do with my personality or my age or my capabilities. It had everything to do with my communication skills.

If only I could communicate better, if only I could understand others better, if only I could have been in their position and work out a path, I would have avoided all of the above scenario!

I was frustrated and I decided to spend my next 14 years learning about one topic, communication!

When people think about communication, they think one of 4 things:



Now that I’ve made my money and ran a couple of businesses, I have a few takeaways.

…plus, it’s not hard.

1. It's for people who are doing sales

2. It's for people who run businesses

3. I am already communicating well

4. Why do I need to learn communication all over again?

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I spend more than $50,000 and the past 14 years mastering this craft and now I can make it easy to understand for all

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It is suitable for ages 16 - 45 (if you are over the age limit but open minded, please come to me  directly)

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Communication is a learned science, not an gift given to someone special

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Applying is easy when you know the fundamentals

Let’s face it.
You already know the value of communication, I don’t need to sit here and try to persuade you on that.
You also know there’s nothing else like it. You can get the time and money you always desire with effective communication
You can get the promotion you always wanted with powerful negotiation. Imagine the quality conversation you can have with your family after learning the secrets of crucial conversation.
Would you want to walk on the street and even without communicating, you are able to roughly tell what kind of personality that person have? How will that help you in your life?

Now, it’s your turn.
You absolutely can do this, I promise you.
That said, is there any reason to not enhance your communication skills ?
Again, you do not need to have experience in sales, or an extrovert. You just need to have the desire.

• How would getting the girl of your dreams?
• How about getting the promotion you always wanted?
• How about securing the investment that was suppose to come your way for your business?
• How about having better relationship with your family?

Chasing endless opportunities that just don’t pan out.
Searching for the answer I’d been waiting for

…and this is it.

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Don’t stop reading.


By now, you can probably see why I charge companies thousands of dollars to walk them through this skill (which is still a steal considering just how much revenue it can help them bring in over time).

How would you like me to show you everything you need to do to increase your level of influence plus give you all the tools you need without paying me $3,000 to walk you through everything?

When you invest in Link, here’s what you will be getting:

1) Take Home Physical book with Narration

This amazing book is written in a 3rd perspective, narrating everything that I would have spoken in class. When you bring this book back, you can relive the moments of the event anytime and anywhere.

As mentioned, I had spend more than $50,000 on events and 14 years of my life experimenting on the said topics. ALL the important information are condensed into this book and you will have access to all of my communication secrets!


  • You will discover how easy it is to communicate with people of any personality    

  • You will be able to identify people of different personality without even speaking  to them

  • How you can increase your level of influence

  • How you are able to hold crucial conversations

  • Private Q and A Session

Worth $4786

2) Future Courses for $5

If you feel that this event was well worth your time, how about the ability to get any future course for only $5! Yes! You heard me, just $5 bucks. There is no other trainer or speaker sane enough to throw this in.

The reason why I am doing this is that I understand that learning can help you greatly, but repeated learning have the ability to change your life. What if the rest of the courses are so affordable and amazing that you can learn, gain and apply for the rest of your life, wouldn’t that be amazing?

Worth $7789


I’m going to let you have the entire system, easily worth the $12,575, for just one payment of only $200!Yes that's right! You did not see it wrongly, it is only $200! (I know, I agree this is insane and you probably believe me now that I really did privately invite you to grab this)

Take a second to really think about this…

How much is this life skill worth to you?




If you are able to earn $3000 extra from your increase in communication skills, wouldn't that be worth it?

Course Details

Time : 9am - 4pm
Duration : 2 Days Over the Weekend
Maximum Participants : 30 per course

You don’t have to pay anything now. When you register your interest, we are going to send you an email in regards to the course details. You can choose which dates you want and pay then. I will throw in a free ebook on my course when you just simply register your interest!

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...I'm going to GUARANTEE IT!!!


Join my course, risk free! Join LINK and participate in the community, go through all the materials in the program, After completing all of those, if you feel like you aren't on track, I’ll send you all your money back. Just make sure you gave your best efforts (by completing the items previously listed) to qualify, there’s ZERO risk to you

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You’ve got two options, at this point.

You can keep operating your life just as it is, but will anything change if you don't? Or, you can start leveraging the intense secrets of communication, do it the right way, following a proven system

I know as well as you do, you’re not satisfied with where you are now.
You’ve been looking for this for a long, long time, and now it’s here.

The only problem?

I don’t know how long I’m going to be offering this.

This isn’t one of those, “let’s make as much money as possible” things for me. If it was, I wouldn’t charge a measly $200 for this. So, please don’t wait around and think this will be here in a week or a month.

register now!

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